Payment Methods Accepted

VISA / Mastercard / Paypal

VISA Mastercard Paypal

These are the best payment methods as they are secure and we can start organising your order sooner. For this payment option choose VISA / Mastercard / Paypal in the checkout and you will be taken to the paypal page where you can securely enter your credit card or paypal details. We currently can't accept credit card payments over the phone or fax. PayPal does not allow PO Boxes but we do. Simply put your PO box in our checkout and once you are taken to PayPal put your residential address so that PayPal accepts the payment. Your PO Box will remain on our site for mailing out your order.

Bank Transfer - EFT

Bank Transfer

This payment option is only available if you have a Australian bank account. It normally takes 1-5 days for your payment to reach our account before we can start processing your order. To use this payment option choose Bank Transfer in the checkout and we will email you our bank account details.

Australia Post - Money Order

Money Order

We only accept money order payments for orders over $100.00. To use this option choose Bank Transfer as a payment option and put in a comment that you will be paying via money order. Have the money order made out to Tim Lester then go to the Contact Us page to send us a email and we will email you back with our postal address. Please put in a note with your money order with your delivery address and order number or products and quantity you wish to purchase.

Personal or Bank Cheques

Personal Cheque

We generally don't accept cheques but you can do a cheque payment via paypal. To use this option you will need a paypal account that is linked to your cheque account. In the checkout choose paypal as your payment option and use your cheque account to make payment. Please note it may take 10 days for your cheque to clear before we can start organising your order.



It is great to see Bitcoins is use and we promote them. In the checkout (step 2) you can pick "Bitcoins via" instead of paypal. To see an example of transfer process watch:

If you are have trouble with any of the above payment options please Contact Us and we will work out a alternative payment method for you.

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