BI175 DIY Assembly Repeated Programming Tracking / Infrared Sensor 2-Feet Plus 6-Feet Remote Control Robot (DIY Electronic Parts Category)

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Product Model Number:BI175
Product Quantity:1
Product Colour:Multicolour
Construction Material:Plastic Plus PCB Plus metal
FeaturesAccording to the packing in the accessories, the user can selectively assemble 2 feet remote control (packaging contains the remote control) soccer robot or 6 feet spider robot , two robots can walk, infrared sensor to detect objects and motion tracking, and to avoid collisions. Compatible with Arduino(A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards.), package contains the USB line and USB to serial port plate, can download program and repeated programming on robots. Contains 4 motors, can complete complex walking movements.
Product Specifications:Infrared photosensitive sensors Plus ATMEL MCU Plus USB interface Plus remote control
ApplicationGreat for education, students to learn programming DIY, interest development and assembling robots.
English Manual/SpecYes
Product Includes:1 x Remote control (Powered by 2 x AAA battery, not included)
 1 x USB cable (152 centimeters)
 1 x USB to serial port connection plate
 1 x CD (including Chinese / English manual Plus schematic circuit diagram Plus mini robot video Plus software Plus program example and Arduino USB driver)
 1 x Screwdriver
 1 x Hex wrench
 1 x Chassis plate
 1 x Middle legs mount
 4 x Front and rear legs
 2 x Middle legs
 1 x Neck joint
 1 x NO.1 servo horn
 5 x NO.2 servo horns
 2 x Front and rea legs wire linkage
 1 x Servo mounting bracket
 2 x Large metal washers
 8 x M3 washer
 4 x Metal spacers
 2 x M3 spring gasket
 2 x L10 steel pipe
 4 x M2.6x8 countersunk head self-tapping screws
 8 x M2x8 self tapping screws
 7 x M2.6 x6 self tapping screws
 12 x M2x6 self tapping screw mesons
 7 x M2.3 by 8 self tapping screw mesons
 7 x M3x8 screws
 2 x M3x25 screws
 2 x M3x6 countersunk head tapping screws
 1 x M2x8 screws
 6 x M3 nuts
 9 x Nylon nuts
 1 x M2 nut
 4 x One-armed steering wheels
 2 x Rectangular metal accessories
 2 x Connection accessories
 2 x M2 nuts
 1 x Nylon nut
 1 x M3x20 screw
 4 x M2.3 x10 self tapping screw mesons
 10 x M2x5 screws
 8 x M2x5 self tapping screws
 1 x Ball
 4 x Stepper servos
 2 x Battery boxes (not included battery)
 1 x Main control board
 1 x Circuit board with a trumpet
 1 x Infrared induction plate
 6 x Silicone mats

Dimensions: 5.08 in x 2.32 in x 0.08 in

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