WJ251 DIYT-J 16 x 32 Dual-Colour Dot Matrix Module Kit -- Green Plus White (DIY Electronic Parts Category)

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Product Model Number:WJ251
Product Quantity:1
Product Colour:Green Plus white
Construction Material:FR4
FeaturesLearning below: The tone of the music spectrum; Multi-function clock effect; PC software to change the word to advertise the brand effect; Gradually brighten control effect; Print word text effect; Parabolic text effect; Down text effect; Fly into text effect; Simple animation display; All light Plus left shows text effects
Product Specifications:DIY 16 x 32 colour dot matrix, uses the newest 8 x 8 colour dot matrix module; F3.75/P4.75 transparent high brightness dot matrix; Column driver uses chipset 595; Row driver uses 138 Plus 4953 bus driver chipset 245.
ApplicationGreat DIY project
English Manual/SpecYes
Product Includes:1 x Motherboard
 8 x 104 Capacitance
 8 x Dual-colour dot matrix
 2 x C138 chipset
 8 x C595 chipset
 1 x Cable (14 centimeters)
 2 x Pins
 4 x Screws
 4 x Nuts

Dimensions: 5.94 in x 2.95 in x 0.04 in

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