BS-IDE-GD DL350 Earth Resistance Tester -- Deep Grey Plus Blue (Multimeters Category)

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Product Model Number:DL350
Product Quantity:1
Product Colour:Blue
Construction Material:Plastic x Metal
FeaturesInstrument suitable for distribution lines, interior wiring, electrical machinery and mechanical appliances ground resistance testing, with two pole, three-pole method two kinds of measurement mode. Along with the ground voltage measurements. Instrument using a large-screen LCD digital display, and a backlight, user easy reading. A data storage function, can store 100 sets of measurement data, power data is not lost, users can easily carry out historical data query. Can be the maximum, minimum, average measurements, and has a relatively measurement. Automatic shutdown.
LCD Display9.6 x 3.5
ApplicationLarge LCD display with barograph; 2 Pole / 3 pole measurement modes; Data logging up to 100 groups; Automatic power off
OtherAir temperature:235'C,Relative humidity:<75%,range specifications: earth="" ground="" resistance:0 to 29.99="" (2%rdg Plus 6d)30.0 to 99.9="" ohm="" (3%rdg Plus 3d)100 to 999ohm="" (3%rdg Plus 3d)1.00k to 4.00kohm="" (3%="" rdg Plus 3d),earth="" voltage:0 to 200v(50/60hz)="" (1%="" rdg Plus 5d),temperature="" and="" humidity="" for="" measurement:0 to 40,relative="" humidity="" under="" 85%,temperature="" and="" humidity="" for="" keeping="" the="" meter:-10 to 50="" ,relative="" humidity="" under="" 85%;="" powered="" by="" 6="" x="" aa="" batteries="" (included)="">
Product Includes:1 x Tester
-- 1 x Pouch
-- 1 x Packing box
-- 1 x English user manual
-- 6 x LR6.AA.AM-3 batteries
-- 2 x Test stick
-- 3 x Ground leads (black 500 centimeters, green 960 centimeters, red 1920 centimeters)

Dimensions: 7.56 in x 5.87 in x 2.91 in

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