WH536 3 in 1 2.5 Inches LCD Battery Balance / Discharge / Voltage Monitor -- Blue (Remote Control Helicopters Category)

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Product Model Number:WH536
Product Quantity:1 piece(s) per pack
Product Colour:Blue
Construction Material:ABS
Compatible Product Model Number:Li-Po / Li-Fe 26 cell or receiver battery
Other FeatureLi-Po/Li-Fe 26 cell Nominal Voltage 7.4V to 22.2V using compression fittings; Receiver battery: DC 1.2V to 8.5V (Any type of battery, but need an external 7.4V to 11.1V, use JST connector); Balance voltage setting range (lower limit): 2.0V to 3.9V (default 3.3V); Discharge voltage setting range (lower limit): 3.0V to 4.2V (default 3.9V); Discharge current (4.0V/Cell): Approximately 450mA; Support Battery Ports: conventional batteries linear port, Jst connector port, Rx port; Designed for polymer lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate battery design, precise measurement of the battery voltage and the overall cell voltage of more stars perform balancing operation series battery can discharge the battery, in order to facilitate long term storage, to avoid battery damage; Balance function allows the battery to charge before or after use (discharge), before and after the implementation of balance, while also allowing use with the charger, the charging process performed simultaneously partial pressure balancing; Large 2.5 inch LCD monitor, which can display up to six series lithium battery voltage value; Can monitor battery situation anytime, discharge protection, and can be a balancing function of each voltage, best assistant for car / boat / aircraft Product Model Number:
Product Includes:1 x Monitor

Dimensions: 3.66 in x 2.36 in x 0.67 in

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