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BE602 SP-WTV01 Multi-Functional 1.8 Inches TFT Wrist Watch TV Player with FM -- Black (Electronic Gadgets Category)


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-- Product Model Number:BE602
-- Product Quantity: 1
-- Product Colour: Black
-- Construction Material: Plastic Plus Rubber
-- Screen display: 1.8 inch TFT
-- Resolution: 160 x 128 pixels
-- TV receive frequency range: 44MHz to 860MHz
-- TV format: PAL-D / G / D / K / I / M / N / Nc / NTSC-M / SECAM-B / G / D / K
-- FM receive band: 65MHz to 108MHz
-- Speaker power: 1/8W, 4ohm
-- Battery: 3.7V / 280mAh lithium polymer
-- Before use, please connected the wearable TV to a computer with the USB cable that comes with the product. Charging light is on while charging; light off when battery is filled
-- Power on: Press "Power " and hold for 1 second. Clock displays by default when power on.
-- Clock setting: To set the clock, please press "MODE" and hold for 2 seconds, when "HOUR" is selected and turns green, and press "VOL Plus " or "VOL-" to set. Press "MODE" to exit after setting. Backlight will go off automatically after clock displays normally for 30 seconds. Press any key to check the time.
-- TV: Press "MODE" under clock mode. The screen shows "TV seek. " and the wearable TV begins automatic search for TV channel. After search, press "CH Plus " or "CH-" to choose channels; Press "VOL Plus " or "VOL-" to set volume.
-- FM radio: After TV channel searching, press "MODE" and the screen shows "FM SEEK. " and the wearable TV begins automatic search for radio channel. After search, press "CH Plus " or "CH-" to choose channel and press "VOL Plus " or "VOL-" to set volume.
-- To go back to clock mode, press "MODE" after radio channel search
-- Power off: Press "Power" and the wearable TV is turned off
-- Product Includes:
-- 1 x Watch TV
-- 1 x Chinese / English user manual
-- 1 x USB cable (14 centimeters)
-- 1 x Strap (47 centimeters)
-- 2 x Silicone taps
-- 1 x Earphones (107 centimeters)

Dimensions: 10.83 in x 2.05 in x 0.47 in

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