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This is a high quality lock pick gun(also known as a Snap Gun) is used to open most locks commonly found in Australia. It is designed to open pin tumbler and some double sided auto locks.

Most locks in Australia have the lock pins in the top half of the lock. You can identify if the position of the pins by looking at the way you insert the key into the lock. If the key teeth need to face upward you will need a upward action lock pick gun to open the lock. This gun can also be used on locks where the key teeth face downward but the gun will need to be turned upside down.

The Professional Lock Pick Gun (Upward Action) is shipped in a storage box with 3 needle picks and a tension wrench.

The bounce of the needle pick is adjustable for sensitive locks.

Quality Lock Pick Gun used by Australian locksmiths and hobbyists.

Dispatched from Queensland(No Customs Licence/Permit Required).
Dispatched Same Day as Payment Received.
Registered/Insured Australia Post Delivery.
Delivery Lead Time of 2-5 Days to Most Parts of Australia.
Discrete/Plain packaging used on all orders.

Dimensions: 4.02 in x 4.53 in x 0.49 in

To purchase a lock pick in Australia you need to be 18 years old or older. If you purchase this product you are declaring that you are 18 years old or older. You may need to check your States/Province lock pick laws before purchasing. In Queensland you can only possess this item inside your house. I will ship to anywhere in Australia.
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