The Complete Practical Joke Set (10 Piece Set) (Practical Joke Supplies Category)

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Comes with the following ten Entertain-Your-Friend gadgets that are complete ready to use out of the box: Petrified Cigarette Dirty Face Soap Phoney Hickeys Blood Capsules (put it in your mouth, bite it when the time is right and let the blood-like fluid out of your mouth.) Bloody Tap Water (insert into any tap and water comes out red) Jumping Capsules (try and hold it in your hand!) Broken Window (puts a spider-like broken window look on car, office or home windows!) Hot (Spicy) Toothpicks (the name explains it all) Iron Nail Through Finger (ouch) Sick Green Puking Capsules (put it in your mouth, bite it when the time is right and let the sick green fluid out of your mouth. It might just be your next trick to get excused from an unprepared school exam! Non-toxic according to the manufacturer.) Note: if any of the above item becomes unavailable at the time of shipment, a replacement joke item will be shipped so there are always 10 items in each pack.

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